The story of Clean Oceans began in 1992, when our co-founder, Chris Gentry, started his career as a marine contractor.  He built his business by providing barge & crane services, dredging, and constructing bulkheads & seawalls.

In 2021, after 30 years in business, including work with the U.S. Coast Guard, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Navy, Chris decided that his experience could better serve the environment by focusing on ocean conservation efforts in his community.  

After speaking with local leaders in the maritime industry, Chris discovered that the coastal waterways in Florida are currently awash with dioxins, that derelict boats continue to leak oil and other hazardous chemicals, and that the coastlines faces constant threats in the form of erosion.

By repurposing our fleet of barges & tugboats, enlisting skimmer boats & surf rakes, and engaging the community through beach cleanup events, we are well-positioned take direct action and overcome these environmental challenges.

Clean Oceans provides solutions for a healthy ocean and the communities that depend on it.